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Every business needs help at some point in its life. Plenty of us started life as really good sales people, accountants, lawyers, whatever – but very few turn into great business leaders overnight. Nickell Business Coaching.

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Having a coach who understands what you are going through and invests time to help you develop into business brilliance can be hugely beneficial both in personal development and commercial, return. Within the Nickell Business Coaching team we have a vast capability in business leadership and management experience. From sales, legal, marketing and running highly successful businesses of their own the Nickell team have most bases covered. Where we don’t profess to be the experts in any particular area we will probably find you someone who is.

The businesses we have helped develop and grow include industries as diverse as legal & compliance, direct sales, government, insurance, recruitment, veterinary practices and a reasonably well know soft drinks producer!

By getting to know the business, the teams and their individual and specific needs we were able to partner with the leadership in each organisation and deliver a structured coaching and training program intent on driving the people capability and business performance. We are so lucky to have so many great, passionate and diverse people to work with and with whom we have forged deep and meaningful relationships.

For further details of how NBC can work for you and your organisation please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.