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We often ask the question when working with teams: ‘Why do sports people at the absolute top of their game need a coach (or coaches in most cases these days from fitness coaches to nutritionists, psychologists etc)? Nickell Executive Coaching & Mentoring helps you become the highest performing version of yourself.

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The consistent answer if you did happen to ask Novak Djokovic, Dustin Johnson or many of the high powered business leaders leading their particular discipline in their own field is an unfading desire to be the best version of themselves. To be the best they can be. Through our network of executive coaching talent Nickell Business Coaching provides you with a one to one relationship focused on clear goal setting for you and your development. Getting to know you, what drives you and where you want to develop will form the initial part of the conversation. From here, it’s about two things – desire and accountability.

You will bring the desire and we will hold you accountable.

The initial engagement tends to be six face to face coaching sessions over a period of three months, then review. The catalyst and consistent reference point and anchor for us during this time will be the profiling results we conduct in the very early stages. Usually these take on two forms: one, an individual skills and gaps assessment and two, a 360 degree analysis using other’s views and opinions of you supported with evidenced examples.

Both of these tools provide invaluable insights that will help us help you become the best version of yourself at work and at home.

For further details of how NBC can work for you and your organisation please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.