Fit to Lead...

Something that has most certainly changed over the past 15 to 20 years as far as business and quite possibly in life generally, is how more pressured everything seems to have become and how much less time and focus we have on ourselves. In particular from a health perspective. The new leader must be Fit to Lead.

fit to lead image

A recent article in CEO magazine by Nikki Fogden-Moore describes ‘a new breed of leader emerging who is dynamic, energetic, well presented and both mentally and physically fit…. they are the top class athletes of the business world and understand to be truly effective, reduce stress and make great decisions, they need to run their body like a business and integrate vitality into a winning week.’ Nickell promotes this mantra through it’s Fit to Lead program.

The article continues ‘your personal health and wellbeing in some way reflects the role you have as a leader’ and provides 5 tips to improve the wellness of both the individual and their organisation.

Recognising that business coaching and health and wellbeing go hand in hand, Nickell Business Coaching has partnered with exceptionally talented personal fitness coaches and nutritionists thereby creating a complete coaching package encompassing both business and health and getting you literally, ‘fit to lead.’

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