Public Speaking...

Getting up on stage and doing the ‘one to many’ stuff (public speaking) is something the team at Nickell Business Coaching don’t have a problem with.

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Workshops as part of regular ‘offsite’ events with the teams we work with are a pretty common occurrence and will form part of the overall coaching and development experience in working with us. Conference and public speaking events tend to be more one-off type engagements and we are always very happy to talk to people about all of things we are passionate about.

The topics and themes we address when on stage are consistent and totally relevant to what we do as our day jobs and focus on creating high performance across teams and businesses. Individual, personal development focus and growth also play a significant role.

As with our approach to working with teams in a consultancy capacity, our approach to speaking gigs is different to most speakers.

We believe in minimal slides, less words and more practical exercise and application where the audience are the stars, not us. Same rules apply as with the day job – we really want to know how the people in the room will use what we give them on the day and what the ‘follow-up’ piece will look like. Otherwise, all they are likely to gain are a few CPD points.

For further details of how NBC can work for you and your organisation please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.