Front Line Hero Training...

Having a highly self- motivated and driven team will always be founded upon careful recruitment followed by relevant and practical training and development. Nickell’s Front Line Hero Training.

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Front Line Hero Training. With our extensive experience in leading, managing and running front line, customer facing businesses the Nickell Business Coaching Team provides a whole suite of sales and customer experience training. This includes language and conversation training helping those front line heroes appreciate a deeper understanding of the impact of their words and the relationship between ‘impact’ and ‘intent.’

Nickell’s sales training has been developed over many years of understanding effective conversation frameworks and providing process structure as an enabler to great customer experiences. The fundamental belief is that ‘people buy people’ and the ability to form a genuine connection is the differentiator.

Classroom training and getting the theory learned is where we start. Follow-up through individually tailored coaching and development plans is where the real gold tends to be as the skills learned in the classroom can be honed and developed. Without this follow-up so much of the investment can be lost.

A team who has time and love invested into it can repay this investment through the blood, sweat and tears it gives back in return and this is where discretionary effort is seen. True high performing teams will always be prepared to give this kind of effort. It’s just what they do.

For further details of how NBC can work for you and your organisation please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.