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What we do…

Nickell Business Coaching provides all of the following services and benefits as either standalone or packaged options.

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Business Coaching

Every business needs help at some point in its life. Plenty of us started life as really good sales people, accountants, lawyers; whatever – but very few turn into great business leaders overnight.


front line hero training

Having a highly self- motivated and driven team will always be founded upon careful recruitment followed by relevant and practical training and development.


executive coaching & mentoring

We often ask the question when working with teams: ‘Why do sports people at the absolute top of their game need a coach (or coaches in most cases these days from fitness coaches to nutritionists, psychologists etc)?



Something that has most certainly changed over the past 15 to 20 years as far as business and quite possibly in life generally, is how more pressured everything seems to have become and how much less time and focus we have on ourselves. In particular from a health perspective.


psychometric profiling

‘Getting to know you and your people’ is one of the first things plenty of people will tell you when you are leading teams. Let’s call it ‘awareness’ and awareness is an awesome thing (even better if you then actually use the feedback and make the appropriate changes!).


Public Speaking

Getting up on stage and doing the ‘one to many’ stuff is something the team at Nickell Business Coaching don’t have a problem with.

Why we do it?…


We are a long established consultancy business founded in the UK in 2003 and since 2008 firmly based in Australia.

We work with leaders and leadership teams in creating performance brilliance through structured coaching, development and training within a high performing team framework. Working with people who have a real passion and desire to be the best they can be and bringing their people with them, is where we get our kicks. Success usually accompanies these people types as a natural output.


Who we are…

Absolutely critical to the success of any relationship is the basic human requirement of actually liking each other!

Nickell was first forged in the UK back in 2003 with the same purpose as we have today: to help people and their businesses create cultures and environments where people are inspired to do their best work. Since landing in Australia in 2008 the Nickell story has continued with my passion and desire to work with like-minded people who want to keep striving to be even better, unwavering and unmatched.

In May 2019 we delivered our first retreat in Daylesford Victoria as nothing more than a test and trial with some of our top clients and good friends coming along for the ride. The feedback was such that we started planning for the next one on the journey back home and since then have hosted two more – one in March 2022 and the latest one in March of the next year. These are incredibly special events and something that we look forward to running year after year.

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The team at Nickell Business Coaching believe that everyone has the potential and the ability to achieve things they never dreamed possible. Our passion is in working with those people whose energy and drive are palpable and where success, becomes inevitable.