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March 25, 2020 10:32 pm Published by

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Coaching & Mentoring

Current events are forcing us into unchartered, unwarranted and most definitely, unwanted territory. We have had to rethink how and now where, we get our work done. These are challenging times for us all and my thoughts go out to anyone seriously impacted by what’s going on right now.

But life goes on. It has to. My philosophy in dealing with what we are now facing is to try to adapt and move with the change wherever you can, making whatever good we can of the current situation. Not easy but together, let’s see what we can make happen.

Our worlds have been impacted hugely and we have all had to take stock and think hard about how we work our way through this. Despite the current turmoil I have been pleasantly surprised and grateful at how many clients have insisted on maintaining their coaching with me and making it work via more remote, long distance means. This got me thinking about how I could make this type of personal coaching accessible to others now that we are all pretty much stuck at home for the time being.

I have designed the coaching SPRINTS to provide emotional yet practical support and help open your eyes to new ideas, new opportunities and create the energy and the momentum to drive you to reach something resembling your potential without the need to meet over coffee or in the office to make it happen. The soy flat whites can wait for now.

In addition to getting the lawns looking good, things around the house finally fixed and that picture that has been propped up in the hallway finally hung whilst you are at home indoors there is an opportunity to make time for a concentrated and deliberate focus on YOU. There has to be something positive to come from all of this uncertainty and perhaps something of benefit for you and your business in getting you set and ready for when something like normality finally kicks back in.

Working in 3-month blocks each SPRINT comprises a minimum of one weekly, online coaching session and as much other remote communication we need either side of that. Each SPRINT is tailored, personal and based around what you want and need from a coaching relationship and I will be there with you for as long as you need me.

We will spend the time together exploring your personal and business drivers, your goals and the vision you have for the future. We will create a healthy and precise focus on commitment and accountability and actually making the changes you are looking for. We will quickly establish the agenda with my role to keep us honest and accountable at the same time creating an environment for thinking followed by real, tangible action and results. Fun and actually enjoying the experience is also part of the deal.

For more information including availability and costs, contact us or call me and we can take it from there and see what we can make happen. I look forward to hearing from you soon and can’t wait to get sprinting with you sometime soon.

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