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August 14, 2017 6:08 am Published by

‘Coaching the Coach’
I have shared this page with many clients now and so it’s now time to get it out there to everyone!
How true this statement from Sam Harris is.

Probably more known for his religious, wellbeing and mindfulness insights, Harris gives us all something to really think about and reflect on and especially those of us who consider ourselves coaches of others.

At one level it merely adopts the principle that exists in the world of professional sport where you don’t need to be a previous world champion, a former gold medallist or major winner to have the credibility to coach others. What you do need is a real awareness of specific faults and failings that you can identify and then help people rectify and remove. The fact these particular failings exist within you makes you the perfect person to be able to comment and coach to them*


*the excellent plumber whose own home has always had a leaky tap

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